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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Extreme Timing ~ Cartoons

Freedom and extremism in media

Chromatius opined in The Muslim Cartoon "Controversy":

Why have they picked this moment to anger millions of Muslims in the name of 'freedom of speech'? This moment to make it an 'issue' and drive it to the top of the news agenda?

The timing is meant to:

1. Promote the idea of the 'Clash of Civiliations'

2. Promote Bin Laden's agenda of extremism

3. Hence also promote the neo-con/crusader agenda, meaning more action (regime change, neutralization) in the muslim world - possibly against hamas, iran, syria, lebanon

4. Punish the neutrality of Europe (minus UK) in the iraq war in Muslim perceptions

5. Divert attention of Muslims from US to Europe

6. Get Europe on board "against" the Muslims

7. To try to give a blow to neutrality, rationality, internationalism, and political realism

8. It is the parting attempt of a failing extremist world policy

9. It is a country coming to terms with the new world, with its glass house broken

It is a strategy ultimately designed to fail today like the war in iraq, although something similar worked successfully before the 1492 reconquista in Spain.


Do I smell the emergence of new nuances of freedom to come from the ashes that confront us?

Hmmm, my understanding on the timing is that the cartoons were originally published back in September '05 to little or no commentary. They were even republished in an Egyptian newspaper and generated...wait for it...no response from their readership. It wasn't until some Danish Muslim groups began a concerted campaign against the cartoons (conveniently dropping in a couple of new offensive ones that did not originate from the Danish newpaper) that the offence began to get some "legs" , so to speak.

So bluntly, if it was a timed attempt to cause some reaction or response, it was a poorly managed one as it took the better part of five months to gel. I would think that deliberate provacative propaganda with a purpose would be more effective then that sort of approach.

I think you read too much into the equation, if you think this was done with deliberation or forethought, at least not beyond selling some papers and making a cheap, quick editorial hit on the Islamic populace of Denmark.

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Thanks for your comment.

In 2004 Flemming Rose was in the US and met with Daniel Pipes. An interview appeared in the Jyllands-Posten and its on the Pipes site.

The publication ensued later. This connection points to a concerted effort, among other issues about Iran, as also pointed out by many including Juan Cole at Informed Comment. His article was published in Salon.com

So I agree that the cartoons were 'to get a quick editorial hit' which was both anti-muslim and extreme right-wing within Denmark - that this addressed the local situation in Denmark - but it was connected to the global club encouraging this.

The issue was internationalized when PM Rasmussen refused to meet the Muslim leaders - and the latter proceeded in their own vein.

I have my own reservations concerning what followed.


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