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Tuesday, February 07, 2006 

Cartoon Jokes - Standing Apart From The Bomb

Now for some humorous violence from four artists.

1. Frederic Madre interprets KW's drawing at post.thing.net telling us what the artist really wants to say:

This person . . . seems a bit pissed off that someone has planted a bomb into his hat. [click & scroll down]

2. 0f0003 | maschinenkunst on syndicate`They want to know whether Muslims are extremists or not`:

There were security barriers too, without which,
the Beatles would almost certainly have been crushed
by the throng of screaming women.

3. Ghalib, writing in urdu in 19th century India, with resonance to one of the cartoons, says

Aisi jannat ka kya karein ghalib
Jis mein lakhon baras ki hourein hein

With a jannat like this what would we do Ghalib
Which has houris a million years old !

4. Abhi's illustration on The Sepia Mutiny [click] author-itorially and self-consciously censors the cartoon by substituting text for the bomb - because 'I do not want to fuel the controversy but rather disscus it'. I suppose Abhi implies that the keyboard is mightier than the bomb - and not necessarily a better fuel - but I have my doubts. [click]

Also, Abhi fails to mention in his conclusion about muslims idolizing Muhammad in cartoons, that we need better pictures please!

These can perhaps be all color, which will then not have to be censored, making them censor-proof like this one here.

Now does black stand for punk, modern, or itself?

[imgs: AP & Smithsonian]

Black stands for Melancholy. Think of the Dane, Hamlet.

Its use by punks is just a subset of that...

There's also Muhammad's cloak which symbolizes the five people his household (himself, Ali, Fatima, Hasan & Hussain) - and then mourning for Hussain's death celebrated in Muharram each year.

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