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Wednesday, January 04, 2006 

Pemra Resisting Global TV ? Not Quite !

With ultimately misplaced apprehensions of my own, hence optimism, for a future media environment, this is a significant shake-up/shaping-up to global engagement. Opening the door to business may be easier than having a state consensual agenda on content. For media matters, we are better off without it, it seems. Once (if!) things are in place - institutions, citizen involvement - we can a have things like a real media policy and broadcast codes. Till then its ... tinkering as usual.

Electronic media policy soon, says Aziz - Daily Times
Channels put off air temporarily: Pemra - Dawn
What your tv giveth, PEMRA taketh away - KO

As a reposnse, what about creating an Institute of Media Studies in Karachi that would address the issues of media professionalism and ethics?

Well, I had certain ideas i had been culturing for a while. I've put them together for something like this... and covering areas like symbolism, effects, technology, industry, ethics, policy, 'new media', engagement with audiences, society/culture, ...in an emphatically contemporary but well-grounded tone.
Inquiries: mediaport@gmail.com

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