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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Hamlet by Mohammad Jacques-Pierre

The Prince of Denmark ponders artistic expression, censorship, hesitation, cynicism and violence - all in cartoons.

[in response to post + comments on blogcritics.org : Islam - Religion of Intolerance]

Great brawl, people - you've demonstrated how low you can get, and believe yourselves too – that you’ve preserved and delivered these great gems of excresence - here's mine. The latest is that the Danish paper Jyllands-Posten has apologised to 'fellow muslim citizens', followed by a bomb scare - that may or may not have been someone just walking in - wearing a turban.

Actually they are all pedophiles, they love to slash throats, especially those that don't repeat what they are told to. They love violence, and suicide, even more. They are also perverts, and allow only one expression - come f--- me.

Need to know any more? Horror movies and true evil is great isn't it? Especially if you find someone to fit the code - you know what I mean.

It appears that these toons are a series of twelve on a page with text in the middle. [click on thumbnails]

Artistic Expression: why people give a s--- ? because its a matter of 'taste' : they have a right to express their truest feelings about the artists work, (or in case they haven't seen the work then) the subject of the work (even if they overheard about it from their neighborhood training camp)).

Great life, Rushdie, I wish I could offend as many people, even if what you wrote was, uhm, nothing special - just east-west-india woven in - so people from one of these wouldn't know what the f--- the other two creatures lying in bed were doing!

Goofy Cartoons showing turbans which are actually bombs: i'm sure the sikhs, not so much as the fulani, are just as excited that their true nature is finally being revealed. Its a matter of sticking to your most obvious single identity, in a congealing glob-al sewer that respects only freedom of p-ss--g and s--tt--g. Ahh - modern life!

The bomb cartoon does look very South Asian indeed, especially like those orientalist sketches of the natives, em. A compliment to the fascinating Danish culture, several of the artists are very self-conscious about the subjects - either because the subject is so little known - to them or their audiences - or charged with pop public explosiveness [!]

Censorship: of the scarf, of speaking one's own language, and the outrage at the lack of censorship of the artists - who drew at the insistence of the editor - may or may not have been a Rushdie belligerence - but is great publicity for Islam - whatever that is. Oh Prince of Denmark what have thine eyes seen?

Letter of Apology in the Jyllands-Posten - by the Danish newspaper's Editor-in-Chief

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